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HELTIE horse® Skinspray

HELTIE horse Skinspray

Unfortunately the Skinspray is currently not available. New delivery is expected in May. Until then, HELTIE horse Hoofgel can be taken as an alternative.

‘Skin spray with micro-organisms’

HELTIE horse® Skinspray is based on micro-organisms and supports the regenerative capacity of the skin. Micro-organisms are the good bacteria, fungi and yeasts that have a beneficial effect on the natural balance on the skin, thereby expelling unfavorable bacteria.

HELTIE horse® Skinspray contains cane sugar molasses, effective micro-organisms and water. As a result, it does not have a bactericidal or disinfectant effect, but only brings the good substances. Apply HELTIE horse® Skinspray to the affected area 1-3 days and let it dry. The spray bottle can also be used upside down, so that places that are difficult to reach are also accessible.

Also suitable for dogs

HELTIE horse® Skinspray can also be used for dogs.

Looking for advice?

Are you unsure whether HELTIE horse® Skinspray is suitable for your horse? Or would you like more information about how this product works? Please feel free to contact us for personal advice.


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Water, Cane Molasses and Effective Microorganisms (EM)

Use horse:
For external use. Spray directly on the skin and let it dry. Repeat 1 to 3 times a day if desired.


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