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Marjolein (Dutch Draft Astor)

My horse has many health challenges, so I have had many experiences with nutritional advice and supplements from different companies. He has problems in his gastrointestinal tract, a very low resistance ánd CPL. A tough combination. I was very positively surprised by HELTIE horse's comprehensive advice. They like to think along with me and have a good view of the overall picture. That is why I now always consult them before making a change in management. My horse is clearly much better now, I can only conclude that he now gets the right supplements, which are of high quality. In short, the right support for my horse and clear advice and tips for me as the owner, I am completely satisfied!

Lonneke & Harry

From the very first moment I approached DM HELTIE horse via Instagram, I immediately felt heard and understood. Sarah and Marjolijn were super friendly and professional, and they took the time to listen to the problems I was facing.

What really surprised me was the quality and effectiveness of HELTIE horse's products. After following both ladies' advice, I soon started noticing positive changes in my horse. What really sets HELTIE horse apart for me is that they strive to do the best for horses and dogs in a natural and holistic way, without harmful substances! This is something that I value immensely as a horse lover.

I can confidently say that I give my horse the best with HELTIE horse's products and support.


"Young horses, they are always restless" I have heard many people say to me since September last year. I myself had never owned a young animal and at some point I started to believe them. My horse would often bang her hind legs out of nowhere and sometimes buck heavily in the stable or in the trailer, purely because of the restlessness in her body. And I thought that was part of her character....

Nothing was less true, however. My horse's system turned out to be under enormous pressure, especially the digestive organs. HELTIE horse's supplements have helped her ENORMOUSLY with this. She no longer pulls and stamps with her hind legs and she is also much more patient now. She is obviously happy with their support!

I think the most important thing about nutritional supplements for horses is that they are 100% natural, as is the case with HELTIE. The natural supplements are of high quality and I really notice that they work much better than synthetic supplements. My horse therefore much prefers to eat them, which of course makes sense! By feeding horses natural supplements, we bring them closer to nature. This is therefore what sets HELTIE horse apart from others.

I am not only extremely positive about the products, but also about the service: Marjolijn and Sarah are incredibly friendly and professional! If my horse needs help with something, they immediately think with me and give me extensive advice. Then the products arrive super fast, so they can support my horse immediately!

All in all, HELTIE horse really comes highly recommended, both because of the service and the supplements. Thanks to them, my horse is now in great shape!

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