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About HELTIE horse

As intended by nature

HELTIE horse® is a well-known Dutch brand for horses. From day one, we distinguish ourselves and are not a standard supplement brand. Because it's not about us, it's about your horse and you as owner. Our vision is to bring horses closer to nature again with supplements that are completely natural-based. We explore avenues that others have not explored and therefore develop new formulas and opportunities.

Family business behind HELTIE

Behind HELTIE horse® is a family business. Domien's father was a vet and that passion has been passed on to Domien. Domien mainly specialised in chickens (both commercial and private). He founded 'Diergezondheidswinkel' 17 years ago and started focusing on the poultry market with natural solutions. For example, a natural solution against blood lice in chickens.

Founded HELTIE horse® in 2017

At the time, the Welkoop was looking for a supplement line for horses. Because we already had good contacts with our herbalist and orthomolecular doctor for chicken supplements, we founded HELTIE horse® in 2017. We are now several years on and the product range has greatly expanded. We have started selling throughout Europe and also receive requests from outside Europe. We mainly focus on providing advice and information. We do not just focus on the problem an animal has, but take the total picture into account (nutrition, housing, stress etc). Our honest advice is our strength! We put the animal first, even if we do not have the right solution. We are happy to refer you to a colleague or therapist who can help your dog or horse.

In 2023 HELTIE dog® founded

Over the past few years, more and more questions came in about dogs and whether we also had products for them. Because we have (had) dogs ourselves, this link was quickly made and we took the step of developing a dog line. Like HELTIE horse®, this line is completely natural and based on herbs and minerals.

The team behind HELTIE animal®

HELTIE's team has been growing over the past few years and now consists of Marjolijn, Sarah, Manouk, Domien, Bob, Marianne and Siem. In customer service, contact will mainly be through Marjolijn and Sarah. They are the real horse girls of the team and would love to help you with your horse! We would therefore like to introduce you to these ladies below!


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