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HELTIE horse® Minerals

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HELTIE horse Minerals

“‘Richer than a traditional lick'”

HELTIE horse® Minerals is a concentrate of Bering Sea water. It contains all the minerals available in the world in high concentration. 1 liter of HELTIE horse® Minerals is made from 100 liters of seawater, with most of the sodium removed. HELTIE horse® Minerals promote the natural defense system, support the metabolism and promote the absorption of minerals and vitamins from other foods. HELTIE horse® Minerals is suitable for all horses and can also be used as a sugar-free electrolyte.

Minerals from the sea for horses

It is rich in more than 85 (micro-) elements and fulvic acid from the sea. HELTIE horse® Minerals for Horses is made from concentrated Bering Sea water from which most of the salt has been extracted and contains all macro- and micro-elements (trace elements) present on earth. Bering sea water was deliberately chosen because of its cleanliness and great variety of elements. It is richer in minerals than the traditional lick.

Addition to mineral buffet

HELTIE horse® Minerals is a nice addition to a mineral buffet. Add 25 ml to 20 liters of water and let your horse determine whether there is a need for extra minerals. Always have a water bucket with fresh water (without additives) available.

Looking for advice?

Are you unsure whether HELTIE horse® Minerals is suitable for your horse? Or would you like more information about how this product works? Please feel free to contact us for personal advice.


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Reviews (4)

HELTIE horse® Minerals is suitable for all horses and ponies of all ages. It is also safe for pregnant and lactating mares.

Concentrate of Bering Seawater

Usage horse:
Low (maintenance) : Once a day 10 ml per 500kg body weight
High (during 14 days) : Once a day 20 ml per 500kg body weight

Use water bucket:
25ml HELTIE horse® Minerals per 20 liters of water. Change the water bucket daily.

Below is a table with the price per day. This table is calculated for a use of 10 ml per day.

Package Price Dose Enough for Price per day
1000 ml € 23,95 10 ml 100 dagen € 0,24

1 Liter

Reviews (4)
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