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HELTIE horse® Digestion

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HELTIE horse digestion

HELTIE horse® Digestion has a blood purifying and prebiotic effect, increases the resistance of the intestinal flora. Supports healthy digestion. The organic acids and herbs in HELTIE horse® Digestion are good for kidney function and promote intestinal function. It increases the resistance of the intestinal flora and purifies the blood.

Based on the following herbs: hawthorn, yellow gentian, wormwood and cat’s claw.

Contact us for more information and advice

Due to legislation, we are not allowed to state here what HELTIE horse® Digestion is used for, but we are allowed to explain this in a personal conversation. Our customer service is happy to advise you. We can be reached by phone, WhatsApp and email.

Also suitable for dogs

HELTIE horse® Digestion is also ideal for dogs. Do you want to use it for your dog? For easy dosing, dosing syringes and dosing pipettes are available in the webshop.


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It is possible to order samples with a handy dosing cap.

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HELTIE horse® digestion has a blood purifying function and promotes internal cleansing and bowel function.

Use horse:
Low (maintenance): 50 ml per day
High (for 6 days): 60 ml per day

Below is a table with the price per day. This table is calculated on a usage of 50ml per day.

Package Price Dose Enough for Price per day
1000 ml € 43,95 50 ml 20 days € 2,20

Use dog:
Low (maintenance): 5 ml per day
High (for 6 days): 6 ml per day

1 litre

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