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Does your horse have a problem or are you unsure about the right food or supplements? AskHELTIE! Our specialists know a lot about the functioning of nutrients and all kinds of horse diseases. They are able to map the situation to provide personal advice, based on your individual wishes.

Questions? askHELTIE! askHELTIE!

Monday to friday from 08:30 to 16:30

Do you have a question? askHELTIE!

“Every horse is different and every situation is unique”

You can contact us for personal advice for your horse. We will discuss the problem with you and try to peel it off. We do not only look at shortages of vitamins and minerals, but also at other factors that can play a role.

We are not legally allowed to provide (complete) information regarding applications of our products. For example, we are not allowed to mention health problems or specific disorders with products on the website, such as summer eczema, laminitis and osteoarthritis. As a result, we cannot display the full information for our products and it is more difficult for you to make a good choice which product suits which problem. Please contact us for a personal explanation and advice.

Send a picture via WhatsApp

You can easily send us a photo or video via Facebook and WhatsApp if that is useful. For example, are you unsure whether your horse has mugfever or something else? We can advise you better with a photo or video.

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