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About HELTIE horse®

HELTIE horse® is a Dutch well know based brand. We recently decided to launch our webshop for the rest of the world. From day one we have known exactly who we are, what matters to us and the defining values that have always and will always guide us. It’s not about us, it’s about you and the horses you love. Our vision is to bring horses closer to nature again with 100% natural products. We push hard to research new ingredients, seek out the highest quality sources and test new formulas.

Where we make the difference

For example we are the only brand in the Netherlands who has a hydrolysed Silicon and can extract cannabinoids from cloves. We have developed this together with our cooperating herbalists and scientists. The quality of the ingredients is also where we make a difference. For example, you can make from 1 KG herbs 5 liter herb extract or you can make 1 liter herb extract. This is something you can’t read on the labels from horse supplements. We are making use of very high concentrated herb extracts, which benefits the therapeutical effect in horses. That’s why we are not using 10 different herbs in one supplement, because from our study we saw the best results with less herbs but more concentrated.



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