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What are the consequences if you do not detox your horse?

The usefulness of a cleansing treatment is still much underestimated by horse owners. The comment you often hear is that horses in nature do not get a detox cure, why should we then give our horses this? This statement is incorrect, because horses in nature do look for cleansing herbs such as thistles. In addition, horses lose weight in nature during the winter, which also breaks down the fat tissue containing the stored waste products. We feed our horses throughout the winter, so this does not happen. That is why you see that our horses have a lot more stored waste products that can cause problems if they are not cleaned in time. What are the consequences for your horse if you do not detox? Read more about this in this blog.

Stored waste products in the horse's body

The liver and kidneys of a horse have to process a lot of waste. Part of it is broken down, but the other part ends up in the body. These waste products are stored in the liver and in the fat tissue. The more waste products in the body, the less healing power the body has left. Since our horses do not have the opportunity to detox themselves, it is advisable to help your horse with this once or twice a year. But what are the consequences if you don't?

What happens if you don't detox?

Many horses will continue to function without problems. But most horses will eventually develop minor or major ailments without cleansing of the liver and kidneys. Skin problems, itching, mug, reduced performance or other health complaints can be a sign that the horse has too much waste in the body. We will buy supplements for these problems, but forget that these problems are caused because of a bigger problem: too much waste products in the body. The accumulation of waste products ensures that the body functions less and the resistance of the horse decreases. Nutrients are also less well absorbed and necessary supplements / medicines work also less effectively. In many cases, a detox is the first step of the healing process, which is often not considered. You should not see it as a medicine, but it gives the body more capacity.

Conclusion: cleaning is necessary for the horse

Would you like your horse to function optimally and that the nutrition and supplements you give your horse are properly absorbed? Then give your horse a detox cure in the spring and autumn. A short treatment of 5-7 days with a liquid herbal product is sufficient to cleanse and support the liver and kidneys. By doing this in the fall and spring, your horse always starts clean for the next period, just like horses themselves would do in nature. Are you unsure about a detox and what is the right period? Or do you have other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.   [1] Dudok van Heel, M. Natuurgeneeswijzen voor dieren, Rotterdam: uitgeverij Synthese B.V 2009 [2] De Cock HE, Affolter VK, Wisner ER, et al. Progressive swelling, hyperkeratosis, and fibrosis of distal limbs in Clydesdales, Shires, and Belgian draft horses, suggestive of primary lymphedema. Lymphat Res Biol 2003;1:191– 199. [3]Bradstreet, Karen. Herbs for detoxification. Woodland Publishing [4]Bone, K. Herb-Drug Interactions. MediHerb Modern Phtyotherpist: 7:1.2002 [5] https://www.bitmagazine.nl/voeding/hoe-zinvol-is-detoxen/97438/

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