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TIP: make an extra drinking bucket with minerals!

A horse is very capable of deciding what nutrients it needs. HELTIE horse® Minerals may also be added to drinking water. That is why you can also make two water bowls, one with fresh water and the other with a dash of HELTIE horse® Minerals.

Stimulation of natural search behavior

Horses in nature are always looking for the right nutrients they need. They walk for miles to find the right herb, plant or water. Something that has gotten a little bit into today's horses because they often only have the choice between one type of grass, hay and water. Horses can therefore search very well from instinct for what they need, only they cannot always find it. By making an extra water container with minerals available, you stimulate the natural search behavior and the horse can take in minerals as required. To stimulate the search behavior optimally, you can become very creative. You can move the bins at any time.

Mineral water bucket

Take a not too large water bowl so that you can refresh it daily. Add HELTIE horse® Minerals in the ratio 25ml per 20 liters of water. Place the water bowl in the paddock or meadow. We advise to change this daily. Let the horse drink from the water bowl as needed.

Minerals made from Bering sea water

Minerals concentrated from sea water. That may sound a bit strange, because of course we don't keep sea horses. However, research shows that mineral products from the sea have many advantages. Not only does it contain many different microelements, it is also much more absorbable than with minerals that are given as powder or bonded to oxide or sulphate. This is due to the phytoplankton, which are unicellular algae. 1 liter of HELTIE horse Minerals contains the minerals of 100 liter Bering Sea Water. The algae serve as a carrier for the microelements. Because they are in the algae, they can easily pass through the intestinal wall and be absorbed into the blood. This is often a problem with mineral supplements that are fed as oxide or sulphate. A large part of the minerals is not absorbed, but excreted. Moreover: When a horse has absorbed enough microelements, it is also better able to absorb all minerals and macroelements that are in its feed. Thus, a small amount of microelements provides better absorption of all elements of the ration (including hay and chunk).

Direct connection with blood plasma

Did you know that seawater has many similarities with blood plasma? In 1904 Dr. Rene Quinton, French physician, biologist, biochemist and physiologist all of his research in which he describes the relationship between blood plasma and sea water. He showed that blood and what he called "ocean plasma" are interchangeable. That ocean plasma is basically sea water minus the sodium salt. When you remove the salt from seawater, it has an almost identical mineral composition to blood plasma. That is why such seawater concentrate is 100% absorbable in the intestines and has an almost identical supporting function for the body as blood plasma. Something you will never be able to achieve in solid form, such as chunk.

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