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The medicinal effect of rosehip

Rosehip is known by horse people as a healthy candy that you can pick right off the bush. Rose hips contain a lot of vitamin C in a very easily absorbable form. So your horse can easily use it in his body. You just have to pick a lot of rose hips to get a little effect. That is why it is useful to use a liquid tincture of rosehip. A rosehip tincture (extract) contains all the healthy substances from the rosehip in a concentrated and liquid form. That makes recording even easier. Plus: your horse will ingest much more than if you pluck a few loose rose hips from the bush.

What does rosehip do?

Rose hips are packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight so-called "free radicals" in the body. This helps to prevent diseases and to resolve them faster. That is why we often eat oranges or mandarins when we have a cold. Rosehip tincture supports your horse's immune system. So his resistance goes up. This is a nice boost, especially during weather transitions and during the shedding period. Rosehip also has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, which stimulates joint function. For example in older horses and horses with mild osteoarthritis. Horses also find rosehip very tasty. It is often thought that rosehip also has a huge impact on hoof quality because it contains biotin. The amount of biotin in rose hips is not very high, so the effect on hooves is minimal. You would therefore have to feed an extreme amount of rosehip to see the effect. Choose hydrolyzed silicon to improve hoof quality.

In a water bucket

Rosehip can be given through the food, but you can also add the rosehip tincture to a bucket of drinking water. Your horse can then drink as needed. This fits well in a so-called 'mineral buffet' or 'drinking water buffet'. You place several buckets next to each other. In addition to rose hips, you can also put liquid nettle, silicon and electrolytes in separate buckets with drinking water. Of course, you also always provide a bucket with clean drinking water. Your horse can then choose what he needs.

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