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Rosehip, a nice addition to the mineral buffet of your horse!

More and more horse owners are making a mineral buffet for their horse and this can be as extensive as you want. Green loam, nettle tincture, minerals from the Bering Sea, Celtic sea salt and you name it! Nowadays there are a lot of products that you can put through the water of your horse. And from now on you can add something to that, namely rosehip tincture!

Healthy extra for horses

Many horses love rose hips and they are also very healthy for horses. You can give them fresh, in dried form, but nowadays rose hips are also available in a tincture. The advantage of a tincture is that you can get a greater medicinal effect from the rose hips, it is a more concentrated form. Suitable for all horses and a tasty, healthy extra.

Rosehip for through the feed

A tincture of rosehip can be given to horses in several ways. The easiest way is through the feed. The majority of horses find rosehip tincture very tasty and will eat it through the feed without any problems. Via the feed you can adjust the dosage per horse and you can use it in a very targeted way. Does your horse need a problem or something extra to support, for example, the resistance? Then give the rosehip tincture via the feed.

Rosehip for through the water

Rose hips are also suitable for use in water, so as an addition to your mineral buffet. However, it is important to take into account the taste of rose hips. This is because it is acidic and therefore really gives a different taste to the water. Build up the dose slowly and give the horses time to get used to the taste. And sometimesā€¦ horses would rather take it over the food than the water.

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