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Prevent resistance dip horse? Choose nettle and rosehip!

At the end of winter/early spring, many horses experience a resistance dip. Horses are busy shedding and preparing themselves for spring. This is also the period when there can be significant temperature differences with frost at night but temperatures above 10 degrees during the day. But how can you prevent resistance dip in your horse?

Liquid rosehip for extra antioxidants and vitamin C

Rose hip is a fruit known to be very good for general resistance and many horses find it hugely palatable! Many horse owners give this fruit in dried form and then it is also a delicious treat for horses. But do you really want to use rose hip for its medicinal properties? And do you really want to ensure that your horse's resistance is boosted? Then always choose a liquid rosehip tincture. With a tincture, more medicinal substances can be extracted from the fruit, making the effect many times stronger than with fresh or dried products. Liquid rose hip can be used very well on horses and almost all horses find it very tasty! In principle, a three-week course of treatment is sufficient to give extra support to the resistance, but you can also give it longer in case of illness. Do you have a mineral buffet for your horse? Then add rose hip to a bucket too!

Liquid nettle for digestion and to cleanse the blood

Many people think of nettle as a weed, and it can also proliferate enormously, overwhelming meadows. But stinging nettle really is a fantastic herb with enormous medicinal properties. Horses love to eat it in its dried form, but often it is not powerful enough at the time when a horse has a problem or condition. Liquid nettle, like rose hip, is many times more potent and contains greater medicinal properties. Nettle can be seen as a boost for the overall resistance and also as a mild cleanser. This is because it purifies the blood, making it easier to get rid of any waste products. In addition, nettle supports the intestinal flora, which can solve mild digestive problems. Liquid nettle can also be given over feed, or through a slobber, but can also be used in a mineral buffet.

Be ahead of a resistance dip in horses!

It is not necessary for a horse to experience a dip in his or her resistance. It can often be overcome by intervening in time. Give a cure with liquid nettle and rose hip regularly (every 3 months). Also do not forget to make sure your horse gets enough vitamins and minerals via a balancer. But most importantly: make sure you have good quality, unpackaged hay! Roughage is every horse's staple, and unpackaged hay is really the key to healthy digestion and therefore good immunity. In addition, it is important to look closely at your horse. Not every horse is suited to stand without a blanket in winter or to live outside 24/7 without proper shelter. Liquid nettle and liquid rose hip are suitable for all types of horses! For young and old, for fat and thin and also for pregnant mares.  

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