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Willem: "After a tragic loss, I started researching how I can prevent injuries in my horses"

Willem Joëzer de Jong is a Dutch 30-year-old dressage rider from the Frisian village Tzum. He competes horses up to the Intermediar 2 level, has his own training stable, gives instruction and trains young horses. Willem has been an ambassador of HELTIE Horse for several months and tells us a bit more about his horses, his stable and his vision. “I ride a lot for clients, for example horses that have to be ridden to the sport predicate. I also train clients' young horses and bring them to competitions. We also do a bit of trade and we have a few foals since last year. I'm building that up a bit, together with my boyfriend. Then the next generation will soon be ready again. "

Tragic loss

In March 2019 Willem unexpectedly lost his top horse Horses2fly Allure PR (by Sandreo), just before they would make their debut in the Grand Prix together. “He probably had a hairline crack in the tallus, looking back,” says Willem. “We had previously discovered that he was deficient in synovium, synovial fluid. I had been given pills, an IV and glucosamine for that. I should really only come back after two years for that. But at one point I felt during training that he was just not quite right. They then took the standard set of X-rays and the crack was not visible. The foot was then anesthetized to see if it was higher. He then stood on it fully and broke his tallus in ten places. ” Allure was 14 years old when disaster struck. It was Willem's first dressage horse of his own. The rider had trained Allure himself from the B to Intermediate 2. “It has been a bizarre set of circumstances, the vet just followed the normal protocol for these kinds of irregularities. I don't blame them ”says Willem.

Prevent in the future

After the accident, Willem's interest in keeping his horses healthy and fit became even greater than before. “I started doing some research to learn what I can give the horses to support them and prevent this kind of thing in the future. I thought: "For example, if you support the synovial fluid and cartilage from an early age, you might prevent problems." That's how I ended up at HELTIE Horse Silicon. All my horses are getting that now. It's good for the hooves, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, synovial fluid and bones. It also stimulates the body to produce glucosamine itself. I want to prevent injuries and also stimulate collagen production, especially in growing horses. Because liquid supplements are much more absorbable than powders, I opt for them. "

Salmon oil

All horses at Willem's stable also get HELTIE Horse Salmon Oil for a healthy heart and strong blood vessels. “They had to get used to it, but now they like to eat it,” says Willem. "They all shine like a mirror."

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