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How do I support my horse with sweet itch?

If your horse has sweet itch, then you must constantly pay attention in the summer months that the itching does not get out of hand. A total approach works best for this. That means: several measures together. You have probably already put a blanket on your horse and lubricate the chafing spots with a soothing cream. What else can you do to support your itchy horse and prevent him from chafing his mane and tail? First, it is good if you are sure that your horse has sweet itch. Because a horse can also get itchy during the summer months due to other causes. For example, think of too much sugar in the diet or an allergy. Overweight horses also have a higher risk of itching. And some horses get itchy when their pasture is sprinkled with fertilizer.

Total approach important

Sweet itch is a tricky problem. You can best combat sweet itch with a range of measures. That starts with a detox and putting on an eczema blanket on time. In addition, it is important that sensitive horses do not eat too much sugar and you can support them with cannabinoids against skin inflammation and itching. A herbal mixture helps to make the blood less attractive to the midges. A mixture of echinacea, gentian, thyme and fenugreek is suitable for this. You can also soften and protect the skin with a spray of Effective Micro-organisms (EM).

Skin problems

If a horse has a lot of itching and starts chafing, all kinds of small subcutaneous inflammations arise. Bacteria and dirt can get in there, making it even more inflamed and itchy. The wounds then become bigger and more annoying. To get out of this circle, you can give cannabinoids. Receptors in the horse's body require cannabinoids to act as a switch. Thanks to these receptors and circuits, the body remains in balance. An allergic reaction, such as that caused by sweet itch, throws the system out of balance. Then it is a good idea to supplement plant cannabinoids. These work the same as the signal substances that the body produces itself. In addition, cannabinoids support the immune system and reduce the allergic reaction. They are also pain-relieving, so that your horse is less bothered by the wounds and therefore will chafe less.

Nice skin spray for itching

The 'good' bacteria, yeasts and fungi in a spray with Effective Microorganisms (EM) also help to reduce the itching. These good micro-organisms expel the harmful bacteria and fungi that settle in the wounds. An EM spray has a calming effect and ensures that the skin recovers faster. The natural balance of the skin is then restored.

Herbs for 'unappetizing' blood

Many of the measures you can take against sweet itch do not work immediately. You need a little bit of patience for it and you have to start on time. The herbs to make your horse's blood less attractive also need some time. By adding these special herbs to your horse's feed, the horse will smell and taste less 'nice' to the insects. This does not only apply to the midges that cause sweet itch with their saliva. Mites and lice also find your horse much less attractive if you add these herbs to the feed. Bonus!

Detox with nettle extract

A mild detox twice a year with a nettle extract helps your horse to remove waste products and gives the immune system a boost. It is best to do this in the spring and autumn.   Due to legislation we are unfortunately not allowed to state exactly which products are suitable. It is also not allowed to put a link to the product. We can only do this in a personal conversation. Are you curious? Contact us at info@heltieanimal.com or call +31(0)522-470017.  

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