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Does your horse already have a water bucket with nettle?

Nettles have a powerful antibacterial effect, are high in antioxidants and are a good source of various minerals. A cure with concentrated nettle extract can help your horse to cleanse its body, clean up waste products and improve digestion. That is very simple, because your horse knows how much he needs! Maybe a strange question, but does your horse already have a nettle-bucket? That is a water bucket containing nettle extract. Nettle fights joint pain by "flushing" uric acid from the joints. In addition, it purifies the blood and waste products are better removed. Nettle aids digestion and ensures a good balance in the intestinal bacteria. It also has an anti-allergic effect.

A cure every quarter

It is a good idea to give your horse a cure of nettle two to four times a year. Remember that a horse builds up extra waste products in case of stress, fatigue or heavy work, for example. The nettle treatment gives your horse a "boost" again. A liquid extract of nettle is more effective than dried nettle. That's because a liquid supplement has a higher concentration and is more absorbable. The intestines do not have to digest the herbs first, but the active substances enter the bloodstream immediately and can start working immediately.

Water bucket

The most convenient way to give your horse a nettle cure is to provide an extra water bucket. You fill this with water and nettle extract. In this way they can choose what they need for themselves. In practice, most horses will drink from this for about 10 to 14 days. Then they leave the water bucket. They no longer need it.  The dosage is 50 ml of Nettle in 20 litre of water. Learn more about the difference between liquid and dried nettle here.

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