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Do you know what the benefits are of a detox for your horse?

A detox, or a cleansing of the horse's body, has several advantages for the horse. Many horse owners are a bit afraid of a detox and we understand that, but if you use it deliberately, it is a very nice action for your horse. Read this blog to find out which benefits a detox has for your horse. NB! A detox is not always responsible to give, so read in this blog why not and in which situations you should not use a detox.

Waste disposal

The main function of a detox is to remove waste products. Horses (and also humans) get waste products in the body. These are substances that enter the body through diet, disease, obesity, allergies, exercise and so on. It is unavoidable that we get waste products in the body and luckily we have a liver and a set of kidneys for that. These help filter and dispose of waste. However, this is often not enough and waste products are still stored in the body. A detox helps to loosen and remove these waste products. A good detox is short, but powerful and not only removes waste, but also supports the liver and kidneys.

Improved Nutrient Absorption

You can imagine that if your body is full of waste products, there is no room to absorb the good nutrients. Everything is, as it were, clogged and keeps piling up, so that the right nutrients (and supplements) cannot end up in the right place to do their effect. Because a detox removes the waste, space is released in the horse's body. As a result, the nutrients from roughage, balancers and supplements are better absorbed and the horse can make full use of them. A detox therefore gives room to absorb nutrients better.

A detox improves the resistance

A body that is full of waste products is more vulnerable and has less energy and building materials to ward off diseases and infections. You often see that the horse then rolls from one ailment into another and does not come out of that negative spiral. A detox is therefore very good to use preventively. Because it removes the waste from the body and supports the liver and kidneys, the horse's resistance will improve and the horse is more resistant to external influences.

2 times a year a detox

We recommend that you do a detox with your horse twice a year, in the spring and autumn. In this way you keep your horse's body clean and nutrients and other supplements can be properly absorbed. Choose a detox that lasts a short time, don't do a detox for weeks because it is quite intense for a horse. Also adjust the training during a detox cure, because the waste products end up in the blood, so that the horse has slightly less energy. Only do a detox if your horse is in good health and has a good resistance. So not during or immediately after an illness! Are you unsure whether a detox is suitable for your horse? Feel free to contact us!

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