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Detox + nettle: ideal combination for keeping the horse's body clean

Every horse gets waste products in its body. Not only through food, but also through the environment and because the body renews its cells. These waste products will accumulate in the body, making it “full” in the long run. This can cause ailments (itching, mud fever, reduced resistance, etc.) and the right nutrients can be absorbed less well. It is therefore important to clean up these waste materials. But what do you choose? A detox or nettle? If you ask us: choose both!

Detox supports liver and kidneys

We recommend that you do a detox on your horse twice a year, but of course only if this is justified! Read in this blog when we advise against a detox, for example. In horses in the wild there is also a detox, but of course not via a supplement. Horses look for herbs that help with the removal of waste. And at the end of winter, horses in the wild lose extreme weight due to food scarcity. Because waste products are stored in the adipose tissue, they are released and the waste products are removed. So it is not strange to also give our contemporary, modern horse a detox. They still get the waste, possibly even more. A detox supplement will support the horse in the removal of these waste products. It loosens and disposes of the waste. It also supports the liver and kidneys with cleansing. A good detox not only removes waste, but also provides support and maintenance of the liver and kidneys. A detox cure does not have to take weeks, preferably not even! A detox requires a lot of energy from the horse, so choose a course that only needs a week. Good herbs for a detox are: turmeric, boldo, artichoke and milk thistle.

Nettle purifies the blood and boosts the resistance

Nettle tincture is extremely powerful, many times more powerful than a dried/fresh nettle. A tincture contains more medicinal properties and is higher in concentration, making it very suitable for use as a "mild" detox. An additional advantage is that nettle is suitable and safe for all horses, including horses with laminitis! Give a course of nettle tincture four times a year. This is because it purifies the blood, supports the intestinal flora and is a real boost for the resistance. By doing these cures regularly (every 3 months), a detox will also be less intense because the waste products are purified from the blood in the meantime. And the better the resistance, the better the horse can also handle a detox. Nettle and detox are therefore really a dream couple when it comes to keeping your internal horse clean.

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