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HELTIE horse® Nettle

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HELTIE horse Nettle

“Purifies the blood and stimulates the immune system ”

HELTIE horse® Nettle purifies the blood, supports the immune system and promotes a good intestinal flora. It is a liquid, tasty nettle tincture that is suitable for over food, but also for a mineral buffet. Nettles are rich in vitamins A, C, D and K and rich in various minerals. Nettle also supports when there are pollen in the air or when there is itching in the summer.

Addition for mineral buffet

HELTIE horse® Nettle is a nice addition to a mineral buffet. Add 30-50 ml to 20 liters of water and let your horse determine whether there is a need for this extra addition. Always have a water bucket with fresh water (without additives) available. Our experience is that horses will have less need for the nettle after about 14 days.

Looking for advice?

Are you unsure whether HELTIE horse® Nettle is suitable for your horse? Or would you like more information about how this product works? Please feel free to contact us for personal advice.


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Reviews (4)

Usage horse over feed:
Low (for 14 days): 10 ml per day
High (for 14 days): 20 ml per day*
*Start the first 3 days with 10ml per day to build it up slowly

It is not necessary to give HELTIE horse Nettle for longer than 14 days in a row. If necessary, repeat this treatment every quarter.

Usage horse in water bucket:
Add 30-50 ml nettle per 20 liters of water. Always have a water bowl with fresh water available.

Below a table with the price per day. This table is calculated on a use of 10ml per day.

Package Price Dosage Enough for Price per day
1000 ml € 39,95 10 ml 100 dagen € 0,40

1 Liter, enough for 100 days

Reviews (4)
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