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Improve the quality of grass and roughage with Meadow Minerals

The quality of the grass in your pasture determines the nutritional value that your horse receives through grazing or through the hay you harvest. Many pastures in Europe are quite poor in minerals. Therefore, especially on poor soils, it can be a good idea to improve your grass quality with meadow minerals. Then you get more yield and better roughage quality.

Meadow minerals based on seawater have been used in arable farming and horticulture for many years. Much research has been done into the effectiveness of meadow minerals on the harvest.

Dr. Maynard Murray found that seawater concentrate has a positive effect on both the yield and the quality of each crop on which it is used. He also discovered that when you feed animals with sea water threated food, they grow better. In addition, the animals were also much healthier and had a higher resistance than the control groups he used.

What are meadow minerals?

Meadow minerals are applied as a spray on the grassland. The liquid you use is a concentrate of water from the Bering Sea. There we find clean seawater, which contains almost no heavy metals or other pollutants. The salt (sodium) has been largely removed. The seawater concentrate does contain more than 85 microelements. The special feature of seawater is that it contains phytoplankton. These microscopic algae bind the microelements and minerals and make them much more absorbable for both plants and animals. The algae serve as a carrier for the microelements, which thus more easily pass through the cell wall and are absorbed. For fertilizers that are spread as oxide or sulphate, the absorbability is much lower. Many of those minerals are not used by the plants, but are leached to the groundwater.

Grassland full of essential minerals for horses

The meadow minerals that you bring to the grassland contain a number of minerals that are essential for horses and that are regularly insufficiently present in roughage in the Netherlands. Think for example of magnesium.

Healthier pasture

In addition to all these microelements and the algae, the meadow mineral spray also contains fulvic acid. That is an organic compound, which is also found in humus. The effect of fulvic acid on soil fertility and the health of plants and crops has been known for a long time.

Research provides a number of good reasons for using seawater concentrate in agriculture. The yield of the harvest increases, so you get more hay from your land. This has been proven in many different crops. The yields were up to 18% higher. Meadow minerals also improve the soil, for example by stimulating soil life, fertility and drought tolerance. Thanks to the meadow minerals, more nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) are available for the growing plants. The overall vitality and resistance of the plants also improve. This provides protection against diseases and insects. You can expect a clear improvement in grass quality, especially on poorer soils.

Conclusion: seawater concentrate gives extra grass growth and better roughage qualityResearch shows that mineral products from the sea contain many different microelements, with a much better absorption than with minerals that are given as a powder, bound to oxide or sulphate. HELTIE horse Meadow minerals contain concentrated Bering seawater with very little sodium and living micro-organisms from the sea. Grassland minerals provide your turf with a source of positive bacterial life. The product is particularly rich in minerals. In addition, it contains fulvic acids, which are also found in humus and play an important role in the transport of the microelements to all cells of the plant.

HELTIE horse® Meadow Minerals are suitable for all types of pastures and will provide improved grass quality, especially on sandy soils. The concentrate has not been chemically or heat-treated, leaving all microorganisms intact. It is best to treat your pasture three times a year. Pasture minerals should be diluted with water before spraying it over the land.


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