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Curious about the effect of HELTIE horse® Stress on your horse? Try now for free!

New Year’s Eve is approaching and despite the fireworks ban, it is expected that there will be quite a bit of popping. A large part of the horses will go through the New Year without any problems and have little trouble with it. But there are horses that experience a lot of stress around the turn of the year. These horses may benefit from a supplement for support. That is why we are giving a free 100ml HELTIE horse® Stress sample with all orders (regardless of the order value) until December 28th. Read more about HELTIE horse® Stress in this blog.

Stress supplement based on herbs

The advantage of HELTIE horse® Stress is that it is herbal and contains no chemical products. It is therefore safe to give and is therefore not a burden on the liver and kidneys. The herbs in HELTIE horse® Stress (Chamomile, Agnus and Passionflower) are aimed at calming the horse. Our product contains only a few herbs, but that is conscious. These herbs are in high concentration in the product for the most optimal effect. With supplements, ‘less is more’ always applies in the amount of ingredients. In addition, the concentration of the herbal extract is very important. You can make 5 liters of herbal extract from 1 kilo of herbs, but also 1 liter of herbal extract. The higher the concentration and quality of the herbal extract, the better the effect.

Calming, but not drowsy

There are calming supplements on the market that are mainly sedative. These supplements make it seem like the horse is calm, but internally it does experience stress, only the horse cannot express it physically. HELTIE horse® Stress has a calming effect but is not dazed. The horse will therefore consciously experience the critical moments and can continue to express itself. But because of the calming effect, the horse will be able to deal with these stress moments better. For example, with horses with competition stress you see that they can focus better and are less distracted. But it also takes the sharp edges off with fireworks stress.

HELTIE horse® Stress works very quickly

Where most supplements require a long exposure time (about 2 weeks), you can give HELTIE horse® Stress just before the exciting moment. If you start with the 1st dose 48 hours before the exciting moment, you will be on time. In principle, with 3 doses you are ready for an exciting moment (48 hours in advance, 24 hours in advance and on the day itself)! This is because we use that high concentration of herbs and the way the herbs are processed, so we get the most optimal efficacy from the herbs.

The dosage of Stress is 50-100 ml per day. Do you know that your horse finds something exciting but is not completely upset? Then choose a dosage of 50ml per day, the more exciting a horse finds something, the higher you can dose. Overdose is not possible.

Can also be used for a longer period of time

HELTIE horse® Stress is not only ideal for the tense moments (New Year’s Eve, farrier, dentist, vet, relocation, transport, etc.). But can also very well be used for a longer period if necessary. For example for horses that have to deal with a move and therefore experience stress, or after the loss of a buddy. The dosage can then be reduced to 30ml per day and then given daily. Does your horse have a lot of inner turmoil such as hormones or trauma from the past? Then choose HELTIE horse® Cannabidol. This brings the body and mind more into balance, which ensures peace of mind.

Now free sample with all orders up to December 28!

Do you also want to experience the effect of Stress? In the coming days we will give a free 100ml sample of HELTIE horse® Stress with your order. Can you test the palatability (for difficult eaters it may be wise to always give a small dose first, or to give it directly in the mouth with a syringe) and see what the effect is on your horse.

Do you have questions whether Stress can help your horse, which dosage we recommend or are you looking for advice? Feel free to contact our customer service!

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